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Minako Yamano

Artist in Tokyo


Concept of Sea Clock
​When I was a child, I saw an image of undersea volcanic activity on TV. Boiling water shot from the sea bed every several minutes with clockwork precision. From a billion years ago, the ocean has been breathing, and continues to breathe even right now.​

Watch the movies below for more (one minute each).
 “Sea Clock” Series


「LIFE 39 - 海時計」動画

「LIFE 57 - 海時計」動画
「LIFE 58 - 海時計」動画

「LIFE 43 - 海時計」動画
English version movie -
"LIFE 39 - Sea Clock"
English version movie -
"LIFE 57 - Sea Clock"
English version - movie
"LIFE 58 - Sea Clock"
English version movie -
"LIFE 43 - Sea Clock"
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