F10 (53.0 x 45.5 cm), rice paper, silver leaf, aluminum leaf, mineral pigment, colored ink.


Shown at the Move show in New York (Ouchi gallery), August 2015. Featured in "Abstract 2015" online exhibition sponsored by Linus Gallery, Pasadena. Shown at the Move show in New York (Ouchi gallery) August 2015, and sold in the Art Wave Exhibition at the Recto Verso galley, Tokyo, 2015. In private collection.


Move展in New York出展作品。カリフォルニア州Linusギャラり主催"Abstract 2015"オンライン展入選作品。ニューヨーク Move展、レクトヴァーソギャラリー「Art Wave Exhibition Vol.5」展示作品。個人蔵

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